About Us

My name is Kevin R. Marshall. I'm a US citizen, currently residing in Najio Japan (that's in Hyogo prefecture, close to the Arima Onsen for those familiar with the famous hot spring).

Najio is not a big city. In fact it barely qualifies as a city at all and we live well on the outskirts, our home being somewhere between the suburbs and the country.
The vast majority of Western foreigners in Japan live in or next to one of the big cities and I believe that the fact that I am not really anywhere near there, gives me a different vantage point, one
that I rather enjoy.

I live here with my wife Chika (who is Japanese) and together we run a small antiques business, specializing in Japanese swords and their accouterments. My days are primarily spent sourcing merchandise for the antiques trade and working on improving my Japanese language skills. When not in Japan, I can be found visiting family and friends in Miami Florida.

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