The Hidden Japan: Daily Life in Japan and How it Differs from Life in the West

Onigawara decorative roof tile end cap on Japanese house

Hello, my name is Kevin R. Marshall and I live in Najio, Japan. Upon first exiting the plane at Kansai International Airport, I immediately ran into situations that no guide book or Japanese travel website had previously prepared me for.

In the years since that first day in Japan, I've noticed quite a number of little differences between Western world and the Land of the Rising Sun. Sure, we all know the big ones, such as the Japanese not wearing shoes in the house and that bowing in Japan is as common as a handshake in the US (actually much more so). I see little point in rehashing the already well known and overly documented cultural differences. Those can be had on thousands of other sites and travel guides. The stuff I'm talking about here are the little details that you notice and the small differences that you encounter daily in Japan, but that are not yet common knowledge in the West. Things like How is McDonalds different in Japan and Common issues regarding Japanese taxi cabs.

Although this makes it sound more grandiose than it actually is, you could say that I'm trying to fill in the “info cracks” in the Western knowledge of Japanese culture and daily living, one miniscule tidbit at a time. The menu to the right will direct you to various areas of interest. Enjoy and please feel free to contact me if you have any input regarding this site or daily Japanese life in general.