Misc Info Useful While Traveling in Japan

How to Dial Japan from a US Phone

Dial 011 + 81 + (the Japanese phone number).

Japanese Telephone Number Format

The 011 tells the phone system in the US that you will be making an international call and 81 is the Japanese country code. Japanese phone numbers differ from those in the US in that the amount of numbers can vary slightly. Numbers in the US will always be in 333-333-4444 format, but those in Japan there seems to be little rhyme or reason to the numbering format. Some are 333-4444-4444, others 4444-22-4444 and yet others are 22-4444-4444.

Free Dial 0120

All phone numbers starting with 0120 are referred to as "Free Dial" in Japan. They're similar to 800 numbers in the US in that they can be called toll free from within Japan.

Useful Japanese Phone Numbers

  • Police in Japan: 110
  • Fire or ambulance: 119
  • Emergency at sea: 118
  • Japan Help English Line: 0570 000 911
  • Foreign Residents English Advisory Center: 03 5320 7744

International Drivers License

If you're planning on driving while in Japan, be sure to apply for an international driver's permit before leaving your home country. In the US, this can often be done at your local AAA office. Through AAA, it costs a mere $15.00 and only takes a few minutes. The permit will be valid for one year from the date of issuance. Not all AAA offices offer this service, so you may want to call ahead of time to find out which office closest to you does. Keep in mind that you must keep your driver's license issued from your home country and the international permit with you at all times when driving inside Japan. Without your original driver's license, the international permit is not valid. Your passport is not a substitute for your original license.