Eating & Restaurants in Japan

Paying the Bill and Tipping in Japan

In Japanese restaurants, you do not pay your server at the table. A slip of paper containing your pre-tax bill will be brought to the table when your food arrives. If you happen to order anything after that, a new slip of paper will be brought and the old one taken away. At the end of your meal, you are expected to bring this paper to the counter and pay there. Some smaller or more informal restaurants will not automatically bring you the bill. Here's a little Japanese that you can use in this situation: request the bill by saying "Sumimasen" ("Excuse Me", this is to get your server's attention) "Ouiso O Kudasai" ("Check Please"). Keep in mind that tipping is not customary in Japanese restaurants. If you try to be extra nice and leave a tip anyway, you will likely just cause confusion.