The No Bake Japanese Kitchen

The No-Bake Japanese Kitchen

Japanese kitchens will generally not be equipped with an oven. This is not a concern if your just visiting, but if you plan to make the move to Japan, it can be an annoyance. Traditional Japanese cooking does not include much in the way of baked foods and thus, they have no real need for an oven. The Japanese kitchen will have a gas range with two or three burners and there will be a small, very narrow gas broiler just below the range. This is known as a "fish grill" (there's often a silhouette of a fish on the temp control button) and in my experience, it's not suitable for anything other than grilling small fish. I did read somewhere online where a fellow tried to warm some taco shells in his fish grill and ended up starting a small fire, so be forewarned. Some Japanese kitchens may have a small toaster oven, but it will not be large enough do much more than toast bread or heat up a slice of pizza. Slightly larger, more functional ovens are available in Japanese electronics and home stores for between $600 and $1000.